Our Intent

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is delivered in an environment conducive to effective learning; it is stimulating, interactive and immersive, whilst supporting and celebrating the journey of our children’s learning.

Our church school vision and ethos wrap around our curriculum to strengthen our children’s personal and academic growth.

Our Intent

Our school has a lovely, family feel to it, where children are nurtured to achieve their full potential – both socially and academically.

Through our Church school values, we create a supportive environment which builds on children’s self-esteem and confidence levels in order to promote a positive ‘can-do’ approach to life and learning.

We inspire our children to have a love of learning, ensuring they have lots of opportunities to broaden their horizons and develop life skills, raising levels of resilience and independence.

Our overall intent is:

“To nurture independent, resilient, inquisitive learners who have a breadth of knowledge, experience and skills, with aspirations to succeed in the wider world.”

Based on the context of our school, ‘Oracy, Diversity and Independence are the golden threads which are woven through many aspects of our curriculum to support children’s academic and social well-being.  We wish to prepare them for life beyond Potterhanworth.

Why these golden threads?


We need to support all levels of language development across our school.  We wish to explicitly extend our children’s spoken vocabulary so that they can use very purposeful, structured, curriculum-focused dialogue for their interaction with others.

We wish to ensure our children have the right level of vocabulary to communicate in a variety of different situations; respecting their ‘audience’, listening and taking turns – and knowing how to articulate their thoughts and ideas.


Living in a small village in rural Lincolnshire, most of our children have very little experience of diversity.

We wish to broaden our children’s horizons so that they have a deeper understanding of cultural differences and diverse groups.

We feel it is important to lay down the foundations for an inclusive scoeity which understands, respects and embraces differences.  This, we believe, will help our children to be part of an inclusive society in the wider world.


We want our children to have the confidence, ‘tools’ and resilience to do things independently!

We aim to provide opportunities to develop children’s life skills and create a culture where our children are encouraged to overcome challenges in their learning by fostering an environment of enquiry, critical thinking, discovery, and new experiences.